The Order Journey

Once you have placed your order we'll check the photos you have uploaded and the instructions you have given to make sure that the order is correct and nothing is missing or ambiguous. If we notice any problems or need something more from you, then we'll get in touch with you, usually within 12 hours. 

Once we are happy that the information is fine, we will collect it into a digital folder and assign it to one of the artists who specialize in the style of drawing that you have asked for. Each artist is only ever assigned as many orders as they can complete in a 7 day window to make sure that you're not waiting too long for your drawing.

As soon as the drawing has been completed we'll send it to you by email and social media. At this point we need your approval to send it if you've ordered a paper copy too. 

From when your tracking information is updated the first time, it usually takes a maximum of 7 days for you to receive your order.